Transforming the Culinary Experience: Cookbook Author Yvette Zuniga Jemison's Journey with The Galley Workstation®

Transforming the Culinary Experience: Cookbook Author Yvette Zuniga Jemison's Journey with The Galley Workstation®

Award-winning cookbook author Yvette Zuniga Jemison has a passion for cooking her family’s South Texas recipes, a tradition passed down through generations. With an incredible eye for detail and a flair for creativity in the kitchen, Yvette knew she needed an organized and efficient space to bring her culinary visions to life. When it came time to renovate her kitchen, she wanted distinct organizational zones for seamless meal prep, perfect for everyday dinners or recipe development for her cookbook. Enter the Galley Workstation® – a tool that would revolutionize her cooking process, introduced to her by her interior designer daughter.

Yvette's daughter discovered The Galley Workstation during a showroom visit, instantly recognizing its potential. "She suggested it after seeing how innovative it was," Yvette recalls. "I liked the idea of working over the basin to catch drips, which meant less mess on the countertops. My kitchen is designed in zones—baking, spices, and prep zones—and the workstation integrates seamlessly, allowing me to work within the basin rather than around it."

The impact of The Galley Workstation on Yvette's routine was immediate. Gone were the days of dirty counters cluttered with drips and spills. "Everything drops into the basin," she explains. "The top-tier board covers any mess, making cleanup simple. My workflow has become much more efficient."

The Drying Rack, a key feature, serves as a perfect spot for setting hot pans and baking sheets while she preps food. When cooking in large quantities, Yvette now easily disposes of scraps into a bowl within the basin, keeping her workspace neat and organized.

Yvette Jemison with The Galley Workstation

Out of the numerous Workstation accessories, Yvette has a few favorites: the Garnish Board, the Cutting Board, and the Drying Rack. "I use these items every time I prep," she says. The Drying Rack, in particular, has proven versatile beyond cooking. “I also use it to dry off my plants after watering them,” Yvette laughs. The culinary tools are incredibly adaptable.

Meal prep and organization have improved significantly for Yvette. With her tools readily accessible, she uses them more frequently instead of storing them away. "It’s all about creating a habit of using the tools, which makes the process more efficient," she notes. Her advice for new users of the Workstation is straightforward: "Put your tools in place and get in the habit of using them daily. Don’t be afraid to set a half-sheet baking pan in the basin—you’ll find you use it more than you think."

Pairing the workstation with the right accessories can further enhance its functionality. Yvette highly recommends the Bar Kit, noting its narrow, easy-to-add-on accessories. Beyond its practical uses, the Workstation has added a surprising bonus. "The tools help me be more creative with how I present food, both in real life and in photos. It’s added a new element of creativity to my cooking!”

DSC_3255The workstation has not only impacted Yvette’s cooking but also how her family and guests interact in the kitchen. "My family and guests are always excited to see what I’m doing with the Workstation and how I’m using all the gadgets," she shares. It has become a focal point in the kitchen, sparking curiosity and conversation.

However, the journey with The Galley Workstation wasn't without its challenges. Initially, Yvette found herself working to the side of the basin instead of within it. "Once I started working in the basin, everything became more efficient," she admits. Letting the mess fall within the basin and using the cutting board within the tiers made a significant difference. Tipping the board and rinsing it off before putting it back in the tier streamlined her process.

Looking ahead, Yvette is excited about future cooking projects and recipes she plans to try using The Galley Workstation. She is eager to see how it will enhance her recipe development and food presentation. "The workstation has changed the way I present my dishes. I used to serve the main dish by itself, but now I always include toppings or garnishes. It’s all about adding that extra touch, which has become an integral part of my cooking style." 

DSC_3250Yvette offers some final thoughts on her experience with the Workstation. "Don’t be intimidated by the size of the basin. You’re not losing countertop space; you’re gaining more work areas. Investing in a high-quality Workstation is investing in yourself and your kitchen. It will grow with you and your family, making your life easier. I wish I had this when my family was younger."

Yvette Zuniga Jemison’s journey with The Galley Workstation highlights the transformative power of innovative kitchen tools. By integrating efficiency, organization, and creativity into her cooking routine, Yvette has unlocked new levels of enjoyment and culinary exploration. Perfect for both seasoned chefs and casual home cooks, The Galley Workstation offers a revolutionary way to enhance the kitchen experience, making meal prep and cooking more efficient and enjoyable.

Yvette is the author of cookbooks My South Texas Kitchen and Entertain Effortlessly Gift Deliciously. To learn more about her and recipes, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.